Mission Statement

Slow, gentle, conscious movement without force.

Stimulating and strengthening the core with balance and proprioception.

Functional, intregrated movement (enhanceing the natural movement patterns of the body)

Working the full kinetic chain:

from stem to stern

Slower movement for comfort and results

Focusing on women's bodies and changes that occur with aging:

Slower muscle responses and recovery, joint and muscle stiffness and weakness, core imbalances (pelvic floor issues) inflammation, itises, hormonal changes, bone loss.

Due to a genetic predisposition, it became necessary for me to have double hip replacement surgery (2013). My level of conditioning, according to my doctors, supported an exemplary outcome.  I was back teaching in 6 weeks.

Now, I have an even greater understanding of my 'special population' of clients. My philosophy of movement provides safe and effective conditioning pre and post surgery rehabilitation.

Kim Johnston CBT, PT, CA | 35 years experience | 613-329-6938

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